Monday, September 21, 2009

To Croatia, back to Sarajevo...

Hey everyone, I'll try to give you a brief update of our last week. We went to Croatia for a few days for a conference with our organization here. Tuesday morning, we woke up and got ready to go. After Izzy ran down the stairs after Josh, I chased her, I fell down the stairs, she was disciplined, we all got in the rental car (a VW Golf 6) and drove the 5 hour drive to Split. On the way there, Izzy said "there is something I miss really bad about room and my nana and grandy". That's when it tears started falling...are our children going to grow up okay without having what they had? A yard? Sweet neighbors? A pink room for Izzy? (She and Elijah share a room) Grandparents close by? Good solid teaching on Sunday morning? Then, a song came on our CD player in the car. It's from "Sing Over Me" (all you parents out there, get's the best lullaby CD)...Here are some lyrics:

When it's dark and it's cold and I can't feel my soul, You are still good.
When the world has gone grey and the rain's here to stay You are still good.
With every breath I take in, I'll tell You I'm grateful again.
And the storm it may swell even then it is well
And You are good
So how can I thank You, what can I bring?
What can this poor man lay at the feet of a king?
So I'll sing you this love song, It's all that I have
To tell you I'm grateful for holding my life in Your hands.

I couldn't stop crying and every time I hear that song I cry now.

Then, we got to Split and stayed with the Brents. They have 3 little girls and Izzy and their youngest Claire who is 6 played forever with girly things. Claire and Ana share a pink room so Izzy thought that was great. Elijah had a good time too. But I got a fever, then passed out almost! I laid down and then we left for Porec the next morning, although my stomach was killing me and I cried a lot on the way there.

We got to Porec for our conference 5 hours later. I got in touch with some other moms there who have been serving in Croatia for a while. Karen, Jane and Lynn were amazing. They all met with me individually and shared with me their experiences. I told them about my homesickness and they talked me through it. They said it is normal and I will get through it. Through talking with them, we have decided it is best for me to put Izzy in Vrtic (preschool) this year and Elijah in it next year. It will be best for them for learning language and making friends.

The conference was great, although my stomach hurt the entire time and I had to take naps every day. I'm feeling better now. Not 100%, but much better.

So now we are back in Sarajevo. We got back last night. Izzy said how much she LOVES being back in Bosnia. She LOVES her new Bosnia home. That made me feel better. And Wednesday I will check out a Vrtic nearby. Today and tomorrow is Bajram (our city celebrates this, it is the end of Ramadan) most of the Vrtics are closed until Wednesday. We'll see and I'll let you know what happens! I can't believe I'm sending my baby to preschool! This is a challenge for me, the homeschool freak, but also exciting!


  1. Taylor, i love you, and we are praying for you and your sweet family every day. My mother's church added you guys to thier prayer lists too! Your children will have different childhoods than you initially intended, but different is NOT bad!! You have been SO blessed in your life, and you all know and have extensive experience with the faithfulness of God. He will continue to show you the way, just don't lose sight of Him. I love you. Love, montie

  2. Taylor, I'm thinking about you! I can't imagine how hard it is to leave the things you hold dear! God is so faithful, and I know you know this first hand! I'm praying for you as change keeps coming!

  3. hang in there girl! It IS a very tough adjustment but a wonderful experience. You'll make good friends very soon. And I totally agree with the advice on the preschool and understand the struggle with wanting to homeschool. just think of it as a glorified playgroup, not school, "playschool" if you will. It's just for learning language and culture, not for education. there's plenty of time for homeschooling once your established and adjusted. if you need to vent, I've been there!