Sunday, September 13, 2009

Israel is so funny

Here's the quote from the week:

Me: Let's eat lunch on our patio today. it's such a nice day.
Israel: No, there are too many bees out there (there were a lot of bees that day, as well as some birds that come often).
Me: Okay, we don't have to eat outside today.
Israel: Yeah, Mom. I'm afraid of the birds AND the bees!
Me: (trying to hide my laughter!)


  1. I thought that Izzy fights birds every day :D
    -- Kat

  2. This is hysterical...especially considering the conversation I just had with AK the other day that I put on my own blog...ha. Totally gonna check out that accountability thing...we've been doing something similiar, but that looks a bit more straightforward.

    The only time I am guarunteed to be home is from about 1-4 during the day (naptime!)...but that might not work for you. If it's easier to email me ??'s and I can try and respond, and if you need clarification beyond that you can call. Whatever is fine for me.