Monday, September 14, 2009

Accountable Kids

We just started this new program with Israel. It's called Accountable Kids. You can check it out online at It's a board with several pegs: start, finish, ticket, date, and chores. The cards on the left (start peg) are the tasks Israel must complete in a day. They are sorted by color, so the yellow ones are the ones she must do in the morning. So every morning, Israel looks at the chart and sees she needs to make her bed, so she makes her bed and then flips over the card to the finish peg. Then she sees she needs to take her vitamins, etc...then she brushes her teeth, combs her hair, dresses herself, eats breakfast, and reads her Bible. It's been a great thing for all of us. If she completes all her morning tasks, she gets a ticket, redeemable for a priveledge later on. (TV, playground, etc.) If she disobeys in the day, she gets a ticket taken away. And if she is able to make it a day without loosing a ticket, she gets a star on her date card...10 stars equals a special date with Daddy wherever she wants to go and do whatever she wants to do.


  1. Thanks for the tip Taylor. I'm going to check it out and that might be part of Claire's B-day present when she turns 3 in the spring. Cool program.

  2. Israel loves it! I have to warn you though...she REALLY tested it. Behavior got worse before it got better. But she is getting much better...she earned her first star yesterday. But today was the worst! Josh just told me to be patient. She is testing the limits...she's 3! I just have to be consistant and take away tickets when I don't want to! :) Let me know if you end up using the program. It has made things much simpler and Israel loves it. It kind of takes the guesswork out of parenting too.

  3. I love you Irby family! I pray for you often and love seeing your photos. I am going to have to get one of my children to write down directions on how to post photos, because I haven't done it enough to remember how:) Let's just say, I look the same, haha. I think after 5 years that my profile pic on FB needs to change! I also will hold one in heaven. He who began a good work understands why it looks the way it does to us now and also knows what it looks like in completion. I will turn my eyes to the hills from whence my help comes. May you know His love for you this day. Hugs to you all...Janet