Thursday, December 30, 2010

Week of Christmas

Hello all! I wanted to share with you some activities we did the last week of Advent. In the next post (I promise it will be up soon!) I will share what we did for was so much fun!

Kristie gave me several snowflake stickers. We made some crafts, but with the leftovers, we sorted. It was a little more complicated for the kids than I wished, but maybe it would work next year when they are older?

I got this idea from Counting Coconuts, one of my favorite education blogs. My friend Merima made me a tree out of felt, put buttons on it and cut out the ornaments out of felt. The kids match the color of ornament to the color button. This was one of Elijah's favorites.

I cut out some paper trees for the kids to decorate with some cute little Christmas stickers

Then the kids (well, Israel...Elijah didn't want to) stringed beads in a candy cane pattern on a pipe cleaner. Israel really enjoyed this activity.

December twenty third was Israel's ballet recital. The room was so crowded, but Josh managed to get a few shots:

After the recital, Josh got a picture of Israel with her friends Sara and Ada:


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