Friday, December 10, 2010

Goodbye Shannon, Hello Jacksons and SNOW!

So Shannon and I joked around about how when she leaves the snow would come. No one would have thought that 2 mornings of no jacket weather (that's right! it felt like spring!) meant a night full of snow and still more to come! As I type this I look out my window and see a winter wonderland. I love living in a country so beautiful that it can look pretty any time of year.

On Tuesday morning, Shannon and I got up really early (hello 4am!) and I drove her to the airport. It was sad saying goodbye to her as she has become another part of our family. The kids miss her a lot. We are now having different ladies come to babysit. But our kids miss Shannon terribly!

The sadness was accompanied by joy as we welcomed some more teammates: Ben and Rachel and their 2 children Ella and Nolen to Sarajevo. 4 years we have waited to have everyone together. And now the Jacksons, Trousdales and us are finally together. It was fun this morning at staff time to be all together looking out over the snow covered city.

Last night I joined the STINT girls and some wonderful students at their house as we decorated gingerbread cookies and had yummy apple cider. I just love Christmas!

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  1. Thanks for the update. We've been waiting to hear news of the Jackson's arrival. Tell them this old guy prayed for their trip and health issues. Blessings to all.