Wednesday, August 4, 2010

English Camp! Karens...etc....

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to update you with this week's happenings. Another organization here "Nova Zora" (New Dawn) brought in a team from Minnesota and they did an English Camp for kids at a youth center here. Israel and I attended and I helped in the 4-6 year old classroom. For Monday-Wed. of this week we participated in group singing and dancing, games, and art. I got to know some precious Bosnian children and use my language a lot. I met the preschool teacher who works there and she asked me to help teach some music classes (maybe once a month or as I would like) in Bosnian!

Another really fun thing was last week: Karen Butler (on staff in Zagreb, Croatia) and her friend Karen came. Karen (friend of Karen B.) is an English teacher and was helping Josh get started on writing the Miss Irby book. It was very helpful for him. We also attended the Sarajevo Film Festival with them, such a treat!

Some more news: Our dear friends the Tinlins are leaving Sarajevo because of Dan (he's the dad) has some heart problems and has to have surgery. Please join us in prayer for this dear family. Dan is a pediatrician and was working on opening a clinic here, free for all Bosnians. Their girls babysit for us and Julie is a dear friend! We are praying that they will be able to return.
The Tinlins were expecting Shannon, a full time nanny, to arrive in September. But because they have to leave in 2 weeks, Shannon will now be staying and nannying for us! I talked with this dear girl (graduated college 2 years ago with an education degree) and I have a feeling we are going to get along great! This is a huge answer to prayer, as we didn't know what we were going to do after our regular babysitter has her baby (early October), or for childcare while at the national conference in September. Shannon just stepped right in and we are excited to welcome her to our team from September 3 until December 7! Please join us in prayer for Shannon as she prepares to come.

Just wanted to update you with this information...stay tuned for more very soon. :) And pictures are posted on my facebook.


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