Saturday, August 28, 2010

Busy week ahead...

Hello! We just returned from a very relaxing time at the coast. We met a Bosnian family there. It was wonderful, as the kids played together and we were able to have great conversations in Bosnian. The kids enjoyed playing in the water and in the sand.
We went from the coast to the Brents' house for 2 days. They have lived in Split for 10 years and they have 3 girls who our kids adore! We returned to Sarajevo a couple of days ago.
This next week and a half will be particularly busy, so we would appreciate your prayers as:

1. I have started Kindergarten with Israel. After much wise advice, I decided to purchase My Father's World curriculum . We started yesterday and it is really fun, just please pray for both of us! My goal is to get her reading before she turns 6 and then goes to Bosnian school where she will have to learn to read in Bosnian.

2. Our STINT team arrives on Tuesday. Before then, Josh and Djordje are trying to find them an apartment (the guy STINTers' contract fell through last week). Please pray for them as they look!

3. I'm looking for an apartment for the married STINT couple joining our team on Tuesday.

4. Shannon Murphy, our nanny, arrives on Saturday, Sept 1!

5. Jonathan and Ashley Trousdale , the first of our long term team, will be joining us on Wednesday, Sept 8!

Please join us in prayer for all of our "newbies" and lots of transitions. Thank you all so much for your love and prayers!


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