Saturday, December 19, 2009


We have so much snow right now. Check out the new videos we posted. we took the kids sledding today with our friends Irma and Djordje, they had a great time. We will post more videos when we download them to Youtube.
After sledding we went to a Christmas bazzaar where we tasted 100% Apple Juice (no water added) and I bought a bottle. We had lunch at an Italian place. Then went home for a nap.
Tonight we attended the Couch's annual Christmas party. Sang Christmas songs and ate lots of goodies. We had a great time. I think the cutest thing was watching Israel and Elijah play with Esther's 2 little boys, Henry and Julian. They were so sweet together. Then during the Christmas singing, Israel sang "Away In a Manger" for everyone. Last year at Janelle's party she sang it for everyone too. I think this is becoming a tradition!
We enjoyed a car ride home with Tom and Kristie, and now the kids are very quietly sleeping. They were worn out from the busy day!

Enjoy the videos!

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