Friday, December 25, 2009

A Merry Christmas

I will try to post pictures and videos soon, but wanted to update blog for Christmas. Israel, Kristie and I made special Christmas sugar cookies and sent them to Israel's preschool to share with the kids. All the kids and the teachers gave Israel special Christmas cards. That was really special.

On Christmas morning, Israel and Elijah enjoyed opening their gifts, favorites being a kitchen set for Israel and a bongo drum set and guitar for Elijah. We ate Pumkpin pancakes for breakfast and then did Advent Calendar. Our friends came over...we had 2 from our STINT team (Chad and Rhesia) and a family Todd, Karen and their 2 little ones Bethany and Josh. I made a Christmas dinner and Karen brought some food to contribute. Rhesia brought a juice from St. Vincent where she is from. The chicken wasn't done in time so we just ate sides. Todd made a Happy Birthday Jesus cake and we sang to him and the kids blew out the candles. We Skyped all day with family. We took an evening walk through Bascarsija. We put the kids to bed and then Josh and I watched Elf. It was still funny, but not nearly as funny without other people.
I really missed the States yesterday, but there was something special about just being together as a family, especially in the morning when we did Advent...Josh read Jesus' birth story, crucifixion, resurrection, and coming back stories from our awesome Children's Bible (The Big Picture Story Bible.) That was probably my favorite part of the day.

My family is coming on Monday, excited about that! Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. Merry Christmas Taylor! I love that bible too :-) Both Canon and Anne prayed to be 'born again' after the chapter about Nicodemus!

    It sounds like your day was full - and that's a blessing :-) Have fun with your family. I'm sure you are so excited you could burst!