Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thank you for praying!!! Quick answer!

I was SO overwhelmed with the many people prayed for Israel! To give you an update: today was the best Vrtic day YET! She went RIGHT in, smiles, and didn't cry the entire time!
It has to be so overwhelming: you are 3, don't understand the language and don't know anyone. Then there's cultural differences as well...

We had our first snow the other day. And it is SO cold now. Praise GOD for our women's Bible study...a lady in the study let me get some of her garage sale items...we got snow pants for Elijah and a snow coat! We got Israel a nice warm winter coat! We got mittens for Israel! And a fellow laborer here gave Israel an umbrella for her very own. Now all we need is mittens and a hat for Elijah. I have no idea where to buy them that small...another adventure. But Izzy is set. We found her some snow pants really cheap too. One thing that has been challenging here is the cost of things...they are so expensive. But God is providing for us. I'm so thankful for these winter clothes. We are so blessed.

thanks for keeping in touch!

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