Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pray for Izzy

Hey all,
To those who love my little girl. Please pray for her regarding her preschool. It is a great preschool. But she still cries every day. It's really hard to leave her. This morning she was in hysterics. Please pray for her to settle in quickly and love her school and learn Bosnian. Thank you.


  1. She will get through it. That is something that us parents all have to deal with at some point, to some degree. Something I do with my kids (that works only sometimes...lol) is kiss the palm of their hand, so that they have a mommy kiss to take with them, so that whenever they miss mommy, they can put the kiss on their face and have a mommy kiss anytime....Maura just likes to carry hers in her pocket! :) At any rate, we will be praying for Izzy going to school, AND for you in dealing with this. Love you. ~montie

  2. oh thanks montie! i actually did that for her! :) thank you SO much for your prayers.

  3. My girls and I pray for you guys every day. I just know that you all are going to get more and more comfortable and acclimated to life there. I know God is using you already in so many ways.