Monday, April 18, 2016

What's Going On with the Irbys...

Since December, life has been very full and wonderful, challenging and difficult, beautiful and blessed. Here's a little bit of what's been going on...

-in November, we hosted Thanksgiving at our house. Many friends came to join us, including two families with whom we are close: the Trousdales and the Dinius families. We also invited our neighbors, who found Thanksgiving to be something very interesting! My favorite comment: "I can't eat the sweet potato casserole because I want to try the pumpkin pie! I can't have two desserts!" Oh how much more self control they have than me!

The Thanksgiving Gang :)

-In December our family returned to the States for a couple of months to visit friends and family. It was our first Christmas back for 7 years! While in Atlanta we stayed with my family and in NC we rented a huge lake house where all of Josh's siblings (minus 2) and their kids came and we were together for several days. It was a very busy time but wonderful! We returned the end of January.

With my amazing in-laws, Dea and Melea 

Baking Christmas cookies with Nana                    

-In February I enjoyed taking a class on marriage and family. I learned a lot and enjoyed being with other co-workers who I don't see as much. My favorite time was meeting an hour early every morning at McDonald's with my sweet friend Mirela. I loved celebrating her 30th birthday with her.

-That same week, Josh and I started the adoption process! We have been praying about this for years and more specifically for the last two years. For more about our story and to see our family movie, check out our giving site:

-In March Izzy fell off her scooter and dislocated and broke her elbow. This is the same elbow she broke when she was a baby so it was vulnerable. Our insurance company does not have a contract with the hospital here so they flew Izzy and I to Munich where she underwent a very complicated surgery. Thankfully it was a success and now she is going through physical therapy. In July we will return where she will have her 2nd surgery. I was so impressed with her attitude the whole time. She kept reminding herself (and me) that God works out everything for the good for those who love Him. Even as they wheeled her back to surgery she was smiling and at peace. She is truly an inspiration!
My Brave Girl

Walking through English Gardens in Munich...even a year ago I would have never guessed she would pet a horse because of fear. This girl has conquered so much in the past year.

-That brings us to April. We really enjoy watching the flowers bloom. We are constantly in our garden pulling weeds, planting seeds and flowers, and carefully tending our garden. I'm reminded of how God cares for us, how we are a well watered garden. Josh and I have traveled a lot this semester. It's nice to do more outside the home but am still thoroughly enjoying all the children. Adeline has started piano lessons (I'm her teacher!), riding a bike without training wheels, playing tennis, and going to vrtic (preschool). Elijah is fully involved in his basketball club where he gets better every day. Izzy continues with guitar lessons, even with a broken arm! Zoe remains just adorable. Mornings with her are the best!
Tea Time in the Garden with Friends

-We have also started an Etsy shop to help offset the adoption cost. Please check it out and spread thew word! New items are added weekly.
A watercolor digital download

Many Blessings to You and Yours!

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