Sunday, June 10, 2012

God's Precious Goodness...Pt. 2

Lots going on in the Irby household. This time, with this little guy: Sweet Elijah William has not had the easiest month. While in Budapest he broke his collar bone while walking a dog. The dog ran after another dog and took Elijah with him. He was very brave during the whole thing (he said he wants to be a knight!) but no doubt, it was very painful for him. His collar bone is all healed and aside from a small scar from where the doctor accidentally cut him while removing his bandage, you would never know he had an injury. On Friday he woke with a fever and a bad cough. I have been battling bronchitis this past week so it alarmed us. After taking him to the doctor, he was diagnosed with bronchitis. All weekend we have been treating him appropriately. Antibiotics, a syrup to ease his cough, nose drops and spray, Advil for fever, probiotic for belly ache and breathing treatments every 2 hours. I went with him this morning to the doctor for a follow up visit and there is more fluid in his little body than before. She prescribed him another syrup to get the fluid out. She said that if it's not out by Tuesday then he needs an x-ray. Josh and I had planned to go to Albania tomorrow through Wednesday to attend a conference with our fellow Albanian co workers. I'm not going for obvious reasons. The sweetest thing was the ride home from the doctor's office. "Uncle Seff"'s and the CSU worship team's CD was playing in the car. Elijah was singing as loud as he could through that stuffy nose "Ooohhh, the goodness of God, is flooding my heart with peeeeeace! Oooohhh the goodness of God, is bringing me to my kneeeees!" Sweet boy, during a breathing treatment. We would appreciate all prayers during this! I was thinking while driving to the doctor who now I know so well (it's true, with 3 kids you are at the doc a lot!) This is not what I was THINKING I was signing up for when becoming a Mommy...but it is the REALITY of what I signed up for when becoming a Mommy! This is the WORK of a mom. I love my sweet children. It is sweet to hold my little boy and we have our special time together reading Magic Tree House while he receives breathing treatments. I. Take. Joy.

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