Thursday, February 24, 2011

Quick update

Irby family still busy and doing fine! Josh is trying hard to finish his book on Miss Irby's life in the next couple of weeks. The kids are still enjoying vrtic although sometimes they ask to go back to their old vrtic and often they ask if they can just stay home with a sitter! But the vrtic is really good for them and they are already making friends.
Sarajevo is once again covered in snow and it's just really beautiful. The snow is powdery so there is not much ice, which is a good thing. Not a lot of slipping around!

Has anyone started a gift list? I got to 100 the other day. Here are some things from my list yesterday:
...Josh made dinner last night
...My mom read a book to the kids that her mom read to her when she was little over skype (gotta love technology)
...the way the snow falls so delicately from the sky
...a city covered in a blanket of snow

Life is more colorful and you live more awake when counting the gifts God has given. I always remember my Nannie (who is now 100 and still fully alive and well!) "Count your blessings count them one by one, count your blessings see what God has done!"


  1. Dear Irbys,

    I realy love your site. You are right,most of us don`t pay attention on little things,that are gifts from God,and are making our days. I hope to hear from you soon,and looking forward to read that book on Miss Irby`s life. I am very interested to learn sth about that great women,who did many great things for Sarajevo.

    A lot of kisses

    Yasmina J. Pasalic

  2. Hvala ti puno, Yasmina! You will get a copy of the book in September when we distribute it. :)