Sunday, October 31, 2010

A new post...

I can give a brief recap of happenings at Irby road the last few months:

Shannon has made her way into our family and sure does fit nicely. It's hard to believe she will only be with us a little over a month more. We are trying not to think about it! She has been such a big help and the kids really love her.

Josh has met with the pastors in the country about possibilities for his book "Meeting Miss Irby" hopefully going to be released next September. He's meeting with the national CCC Staff team about possibilities. We are really excited about this project.

The kids are enjoying homeschool. We are doing "My Father's World" kindergarten. Elijah sits in and participates in calendar time, song time, story time and as Israel does her work (she is learning to read!) Elijah colors in his Spiderman coloring book. While the kids do their "work" we are enjoying playing the CD "25 Classical Favorites". I have a plan to one day focus on a composer of the week (we did that once with Mozart) but right now it's too much.

Israel continues to excel in ballet. Her teacher came out of the classroom and got my attention to make sure Israel showed me how she was able to put her feet in 5th position. She was so proud of her and said she is "Fantastic and Excellent". Of course, we agree.

Elijah continues to pursue his dreams of actually being Spiderman. He turned 3 in October and had a Spiderman/superhero birthday party joining up with Tyler Trousdale (they share a birthday) who turned 2. Elijah loves Tyler. He calls him "TyTy" and "My Buddy". It's going to be fun to watch these boys grow up together.

We had a Halloween party last night at a friend's house. It was fun. Israel was a Flamenco dancer and Elijah was a pirate.

Last of all: I need to know if these updates are being read. Not many comments are posted, and if this is not an accurate way of notifying people, please let me know and I can find a different way to let people know what's going on. Thanks!


  1. read and liked. miss y'all and please email me your address :-)

  2. Love reading your blog Taylor! We miss you at CCP and Andre and I love hearing how you're doing.

  3. Yes, checking your blog regularly. I get the added benefit of hearing more details about my family. Curious, though, what can you or Josh post about your work?

  4. I read Taylor! :) You can also put a site meter on your blog to track how many hits you get daily etc. (

  5. Yes, Taylor, I read your blog too. Please don't stop. It's a great way to communicate. Unfortunately on your end, it's not so great for knowing who reads it.

  6. i read! can't believe how old the kids are getting already! hope yall are well - we miss you!
    -em & bobby (and nola!)