Saturday, March 27, 2010

All Well...Now for Passover

Israel is well, and our church is celebrating Passover tonight. We are happy to celebrate with them, esp. because we used to do it every year as an Irby family at Josh's parents' house. I'm making chocolate macaroons for it this afternoon, I think I'll ask Israel to help me.

Israel and Josh had a pretty cool talk last night. She disobeyed last night (after Josh asked her to get ready for her bath) so Josh had to have a "talk" with her in her room about listening vs. talking back. After a very long talk (and a bit of discipline) she ran right out, butt naked and ready for a bath! She said, "I'm sorry Mommy for not doing what Daddy asked, but now I'm ready for my bath." I forgave her and she got in the tub. After about 5 minutes of playing, she (on her own) put all the toys back in the toy bag, lifted the plug, and got out of the tub. Ran in her room and grabbed a diaper, and got ready for bed by herself. She cleaned her room and asked for her Gummies (vitamins) so I gave them to her. Last week, I accidentally gave her 4 (she usually gets 3) and we had a big talk because she lied about getting 4, saying she only got 3. (she was hiding the 4th one behind her back saying she didn't have 4) But last night I gave her 4 by mistake again and she said "Mommy, I got 4, here's one back!"

She quickly got into bed and Josh read her a Princess story. She asked why there is always a bad person in the Princess stories. Josh explained to her it's because in life there is always an opposition, but who wins in the end? The good. Then he explained the Gospel to her, how Jesus always wins in the end. It was a good end to the evening. We think something clicked for her tonight.

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